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Note:  Please see Coach DeVercelly if you need help purchasing meet day wear.

Here is some general information about your team site.  Please read


No order will be shipped before that time.  Parkas will be delivered sparately.

"Parkas take up to 6 weeks to make - ORDER EARLY."

We have a size kit at our Long Beach Store, If you don't know your size.

Thanks for letting TheSwimGuy take care of your team!


Parka orders are Store Pickup - Late orders are USPS only.

Order changes on parkas can not be made once the parka is in work
suit size exchanges can be made for any suit we didn't have to custom order, but customer is responsible for all shipping charges. 

Please call Tim or Mike at 310-452-2221 or email info@theswimguy.com for order changes or cancellations

Please Note:  This is a custom made order and is a final sale.  The Swim Guy is not responsible for a student who quits or does not make the team and no refunds will be given. It is assumed that the student tried on the Swim Suit Size Kit and has chosen the correct size. If you have questions about any items on this page, please call us at (310) 452-2221 Ask for Michael or Tim.  


For Carson Swimming product questions:  contact Mike or Tim at 310-452-2221 or email info@theswimguy.com


For website related technical issues: Contact Tim at 310-452-2221 or email him at tim@theswimguy.com 

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